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This is Zelda, a 10 year old Pit Bull.  This sweet dog has been through so much.  With such high anxiety, in the past she tore up her owner's drywall more than once.  When she was younger she had some neurological damange.  As you can see in this picture she lost her muscle on the left side of her head.  She had a skin graft done on one of her back legs that still gives her problems.  She also got into a tussle with a racoon and a porcupine.  Won with the racoon but lost with the porcupine.  She recently was attacked through no fault of her own by two other dogs.  She had to be sewn up with tubes coming out of her.  She has become one of my favorites and is here for about 5 days a week for daycare and some boarding.  After all this she is definitley one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet.
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This is Lexi.  We think she is a Swiss Mountain/St. Bernard mix.  She is a regular here and is super sweet, but she acts like a bully the first time other dogs meet her.  As they say though, "she's all bark and no bite".  When it's time to go home she knows the drill and jumps right into the tub to get clean and pretty for her owner, she's such a girl.  Her owner, Jim often enjoys our "curbside service" by not getting out of his truck for drop-offs and pick-ups.  Lexi is definitely a favorite here, Israel and I both love her to death! ;)
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This picture cracks me up!  Have you ever seen a dog with such an obvious smile?!  I'm pretty sure she was happy here.  :) 

This is Tuji, she is very sweet and a proud momma of her son Baloo who also stayed here with us.  This year she and Baloo loved checking out our chickens through the fence trying to find a weak spot (which of course they never did).  Tuji has been coming here for over 2 years and Baloo just over a year.  They are the sweetest Rottweilers I've ever met.
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