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Barking Barnyard, a Yakima area dog boarding and doggie daycare facility

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What others are saying...

Let others know how you liked Barking Barnyard.  We appreciate your comments!
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Love barking barnyard!

We just moved to Washington state a couple of months ago. My Brittany named Remington is my baby, and I did not trust any boarding facilities in New York, where we came from. I checked out the website for barking barnyard and instantly knew this was the place for us. There is so much information available, that tells dog owners, their babies will be cared for. Remington loved his first vacation with his new friends, and after getting our new family member, our GSP Kimber, it was nice to know that she also would have a place to stay. We will be back many more times, and will also recommend to any new military families that move to the area like us! Thanks BB!

Cassie says thanks a bunch

Our Cassie girl loves barking barnyard. So happy to find a place she can stay when we're on vacation & she can't come with us. She has a safe, comfortable place to stay where she can run and play. She is a high energy girl and there is plenty there to keep her busy and she is well cared for. If they were closer we would take her there more regularly for daycare a few times during the year just because she has such a great time. Thanks a bunch barking barnyard. Theresa, Jeremy, Kieran, Cameron, & Cassie

Barking Barnyard is the BEST!

I have a German Shepard/Lab mix with A LOT of energy. He (Boris) LOVES Barking Barnyard because he can actually go outside. There are some other good kennels, but this one surpasses them all. Between the attentive staff who seem to truly enjoy the pups, the excellent accommodations, the wonderful, grassy areas. I highly recommend to all.

Awesome Kennels

I boarded my dog for a week this October while my husband and I went hunting. She was very well taken care of, had lots of play time with other dogs. Keisha and Israel do an Awesome job of ensuring you pet is well taken care of. My dog was absolutely worn out when she was picked up. I will definitely be boarding my dog again. Everything Keisha states as well as pictures are true. The kennels are kept clean, the play areas are fenced and have lots of room for the dogs. You will not find a better place or people to take care of your dogs while you are gone!

My dogs were so happy!

We have never boarded our 12 year old Border Collie, well, because he's a Border Collie.  He needs daily exercise which is something you don't get in regular kennels.  We also have a 7 year old Aussie, a rescue dog with a few issues that we were worried about leaving him in a strange place.  In the end, we didn't have to worry.   When we went to pick up the dogs our Aussie was very comfortable and happy to be at Barking Barnyard, and our Border Collie was tired!  They take great care of the dogs there and your dogs come out happier than before you dropped them off.  This kennel, really a doggy camp, is a place we highly recommend.  Even my worried and skeptical husband was won over!
Sue & Ed


I did not realize that I could be so impressed by a dog kennel! It seamed out of the way to me (we live in the Nile Valley), but I was desperate and she had good reviews, after our experience I will not take my pooch anywhere else. The owner, Kisa promptly and warmly greeted us outside her beautiful home as soon as we arrived both to drop off and pick up. She was so sweet and friendly with us and our dog. I was able to walk my dog to his kennel and see the grounds. Her property is beautiful, both her home and where the dogs stay and play! It was more like a vacation spot for dogs! Barking Barnyard was beautifully landscaped. The buildings, kennels, barn, play grounds and their home was immaculately kept! The pictures on her site don't even come close to how it looks in person. There are several large play areas for the dogs. When we picked up our dog she asked if I would mind if they gave him a quick bath! YES! Our dog did not want to stay when we dropped him off, but when we picked him up it was a different story. He got in the car with my husband and kids and a few minutes later I opened the door to put his toys in the car and when he saw Kisa he wanted to get out to play with her! He was throughly exhausted from all the wonderful playtime he got with his fellow K9's as well!

Hannah & Cassie

Thanks so much for taking care of our two dogs while we were far away on vacation.  Our dogs can be very human like with their emotions (which you probably don't see as much when they are around other dogs), that we were worried that they may really resent us after picking them up! LOL  But they seemed to have had a great time, with no hard feelings of being left behind by us.
They have settled back into their normal routine with no problems.  We now know where we can take them the next time we leave out of town, when there is no one to watch them.
Thanks again for providing good safe care!
Tim & Vickie Reed

Belle's favorite place

thank you so much for the wonderful care you take of our Belle.  Our baby can be difficult at times, but she immediately took to you and Israel and we couldn't be more pleased!!
You are the only person who has succeeded in giving her a bath to date!  We're so confident in your care that we plan on sending her over to have fun at Barking Barnyards as often as we can.
Keep up the great work, and thanks for providing such a wonderful environment for our beloved pets.
Chad and Mariafrancesca Lenz
Union Gap

Awesome Place!

Plenty of exercise, clean facilities, friendly staff, excellent care - such an awesome facility! We are so thankful that there is a place we can feel good about leaving our dog, Starbuck, when we need to. She loved her time playing with other dogs and she was excited when we brought her back for her second stay - proof that she had a great time the last time she was there! I feel so much better knowing that she'll get great care when we're away. Definitely will keep coming back in the future! Thank you!

A Huge Relief!

I can't say enough about my first experience with Barking Barnyard!  From the minute I dropped Phoebe off and you made a special effort to help her feel comfortable, I knew she was in good hands.  When I picked her up, her bedding and toys were in good order and she smelled wonderful from her recent bath!  What a great touch!  You exceeded my expectations and, after my initial experience with boarding at a different facility, it was certainly a huge relief to know that Phoebe would be out and about instead of confined to a small cage-like enclosure.  Thank you for easing my mind and for your commitment to happy dogs!  You have secured another regular client!
Angela Richardson

Silly Tate and Ford!

Israel and Kisa, Tate and Ford absolutely loved coming to see both of you. I cannot thank you enough for the genuine love and care you showed them. I was so comfortable from the first time I dropped them off (and every weekend thereafter :) Before I used to dread going on vacation because I felt terrible about leaving the dogs in a boarding facility where I knew they would have little exercise and no personal attention. Taking them to Barking Barnyard was just the opposite. I knew they had SO much fun (and all of the sleeping in the car afterwards wasn't bad either:) I ended up bringing them for daycare there because it was such a treat for them. One of my first thoughts when I decided to move was "oh no, we won't be close to barking barnyard....what am I going to do?" We will make sure to come back and visit when we are in the area. Barking Barnyard is by far the best pet care in the Yakima area! XOXO, Tate, Ford and Meredith

Thank you! Cappuccino & Espresso

Kisa, This was our second time with you and we were soooo excited to see you again. It's our home away from home. I know the first time my parents were a little nervous about leaving us because family only doggysat us. Once they saw how we played and made new friends their fears were over. Thanks again! I know we'll be visiting again real soon. Joe, Renee, Gianna & Antonia D. Yakima

Maximus and Midori

Hi Kisa,
Thank you so very much for taking Max and Midori.  They are a HANDFUL and they each have their issues that I know takes extra effort on your part.   They had the BEST time staying with you.  They were excited to see me when i picked them up, but not nearly as much as they have been in the past when I've left them for a week. 
You're location is perfect.   Max and Midori, I know, appreciated getting  to play on grass and dirt - as opposed to gravel or cement.   They were more in their element out there. 
I also wanted to tell you how suprised I was when i brought them up to see your facilities before their stay.   They were excited to be there, they had no stress about me leaving them - they were immediately comfortable.  They went right out and played like had been there many times before.  I was floored.  They obviously picked up a sense of a calm and welcoming environment  from you.
Thank you again for taking such good care of my "babies".  Not once while i was gone did i worry about them.  - I worried more about you handling two challenging dogs!

Thank You, Gary & Janean

Hi Kisa,
      Thank you for taking such good care of Princess.  We were concerned about how she would do her first time away from home.  It was wonderful to know that she was taken care of and given so much attention.  Princess said she had alot of fun and was worn out when she came home.
                 Thanks so much!!!!!!              

Clover and Sawyer had their own vacation!

Thank you so much for such outstanding care to Clover and Sawyer while we were away.  Both of the dogs were well cared for and we were at peace knowing they were in good hands!  You have a first-class dog boarding company!  We will be back and also will spread the good word!
Clover and Sawyer's Family,
Tim, Liberty, Tucker, Tate and Emmet  


We love your kennel.  The facilities are well maintained & very dog friendly.  We hate leaving Lou behind but never worried about him while he was with you.  We felt very guilty last time we left Lou at a kennel but this time I think he really enjoyed the stay.  We highly recommend his kennel.  It's worth the drive!

Thank you Thank you!!!

Hi Kisa -
We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of Bella during our Christmas vacation.  We were very concerned about how she would do during her first time away from home, and were much relieved to learn that she was having a wonderful time playing with her new friends.  She may have even been a bit depressed upon returning home - which is a great tribute to you!
The Barnyard is an excellent facility, and your concern for the well-being of the dogs (and their owners!) was apparent at all times.  We look forward to bringing Bella back during any trips we need to make this year, and will certainly highly recommend you to friends & colleagues.
Happy New Year & Thanks Again!
Barry & Cindy

Thank you

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our two babies. It is wonderful knowing we can go away without worrying about them.
Your setup is beautiful and I could tell when we picked them up that they had taken to you.  That really says something!!
We will be back.  And we will tell everyone about you.
Thank you
Doug and Linda Jenkins

From Melissa Paul

Dear Kisa,
Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of "the kids" - Denver and Anson! I can't tell you what a relief it was to go away knowing that they would be well cared for and get lots of time outside, plenty of exercise and fresh air. Your facility is beautiful and Denver had a lot of fun playing with Lodi. I'm glad they enjoyed their "vacation" as much as we did!

From Cathy Kehm

Hi Kisa-

Just wanted to let you know how much Tom & I appreciate the excellent care you gave Bosco & Sasha on their weekend stay with you!!  The camera monitor attached to the kennel was just one indication of the care they received.  They were tired and slept most of Sunday night.  I took Sasha for a walk Monday-Bosco wasn’t even interestedJ  Tell Tessa that we will bring them out again to stay with herJ  The website is awesome! 

Thanks again for your care-

Owner Comments

We feel very lucky that you allow us to watch over your dog(s).  We can go on and on about how good WE think we are, but comments from you mean so much more!!!  So if you feel like leaving a comment PLEASE, PLEASE DO!!