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Offering a unique experience in dog boarding and doggie daycare service in the Yakima area.

 Our Family

This video was created for the Live Yakima Valley website. We've reposted it here because it gives a look into our family. We hope you enjoy it.

 Our Facility

  • Kennels - With only 10 large covered outdoor kennels we can really take the time to spoil your dog. Each kennel is 5’x10’ with a luxurious fully insulated doghouse. These dog houses may very well be built better than my own house :). All dog houses have heated floors, R-13 insulation in floor, ceiling and walls, and commercial grade plastic strip doors for incredible comfort no matter how unpleasant Mother Nature tries to make it. In the rest of the kennel, instead of cold hard cement floors, your dog will enjoy our soft and sanitary pea-gravel. In addition, the entire kenneling area is protected from the elements by a large shed roof attached to our barn. This provides excellent shade in the summer and protection in the winter. The open air layout also guarantees your dog constant fresh healthy country air (not to mention sounds of birds, crickets, cows, owls and coyotes). During the summer season, all kennels have a water mister for their comfort.

  • Play Areas - Playtime, Playtime, Playtime. This is what we are all about! We don’t like to keep your dog cooped up, so if it’s okay with you and your dog is friendly with other dogs your dog will spend most of the day outside in our large play areas. We have over 22,000 sq.ft. of play area on naturally sanitary pasture grass. The play areas also have fun toys and structures for your dog to play with as well as seasonal comfort features like shade structures and water misters.

 Barking Barnyard Basics

  • Food - We provide Atta boy dry dog food twice a day in our own doggie dishes. However, if you have your dog on a special diet please feel free to bring your own food.

  • Bedding - We provide clean bedding, but we encourage you to bring your own to make your dog feel more at home.

  • Playtime - It’s up to YOU. We provide maximum outdoor playtime for those dogs who play nicely with other dogs, but every dog is guaranteed at least 4-6 hours of playtime per day. Our playtime is one of the features that makes our facility unique. Most dogs are outside an average of 6 hours per day!
  • Treats - We love if it’s okay with you, milk bone dog biscuits will be provided throughout the day.

  • Vaccinations and flea/tick treatments - As you may know it is very important to have your pet current on all vaccinations. Distemper /Parvo combo, Bordetella and Rabies are required for your dog to stay with us. We require that all dogs be treated with a monthly flea and tick solution. (This will apply throughout the spring and summer seasons) Advantage, Frontline and Revolution are the most popular. You may contact your veterinarian for further details.

  • Spay or Neuter - If your dog is over 6 months old, we require that she or he be spayed or neutered.